Stellardrone – A Moment Of Stillness

It’s high time now to return to some starlit ambient, and for this time it would be the work of Stellardrone, called “A Moment Of Stillness”, a self-released drone ambient 27 minutes and 5 track album. Having rhythmic elements, really it doesn’t seem to me a rhythmic at all, for it has more atmospheric and substantial features, than moving and going; even a flat drone has hidden microrhythms, but it is static and soaring. So, let’s turn to the material itself. The opening track, which entitles the whole album, gives the takeoff for the following strata of the author’s cosmic fantasy – “Billions And Billions” with its cyclical structure is evident to reveal the boundlessness of the great Universe, where even the enormous numbers with lots of zeros are vanishing in the Infinity, and any number, you can imagine, is sure to be absorbed and to surrender to this magic space. “Lights In The Sky” appears to be the sparkling soothing ambience, with flowing and flying elements, which emerge out of centuries-old vacuum, and then fading away. You are sure to feel the pulsating nature of this track, where its intercrossing frequencies create a definite atmosphere of serene and colourful surrounding, made by the weak light of the stars, which in spite of being so far away, presents their rays to Earth. “Solar Eclipse” is also mild and rather radiant with its blurred construction, resembling the interflowing of liquids with different density. The conclusion, “Twilight” is represented by synthesized and, maybe guitar melody, which, as if the poetic passage, complements the picture, which was created by the author. So, catch the Moment Of Stillness with Stellardrone.

Official self-release page

One response to “Stellardrone – A Moment Of Stillness

  1. This is one of those albums that twinkle with sublime ambience. Very pleasant on the ears. Nice, accurate review.

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