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Robert Davies – Pond

“Pond” is a new album from DataObscura label, whose author is Robert Davies; it is represented by four, almost 15-minute tracks. As it is explained at the label site, this work is inspired by the romantic utopia “Walden” by Henry Thoreau, an American transcedentalist, where he combined descriptions of nature and criticism of consumer society. In fact, he wrote it in partial isolation from people, having settled in a house in the forest. As for Robert Davies, he reflected his impressions through delicate and tranquil drones, which flow through ears into the listener’s mind. The first track, “Summer Algae Pool”, immerse you into the endearing world of driftweeds, that  attract your consciousness with mild greeny light, appearing between the tangles. “Ripple Glisten” is truly full of radiance, with its softly ringing drone and occasional piano tints. “Amidst Dark Reeds” seemed to me mainly of twilight nature, it may project a sweet feeling of the process of falling asleep, though it can also be sunny, full of playing rays and warmth. The album is crowned with “Boughs Overhanging”, that weave unnapparently and smoothly above the line between water and the land, as if trying to connect these absolutely different, but neighbouring elements. Evidently, “Pond” is not only music, in my opinion, it is also a picture, but this picture isn’t visible in material world, it comes into existence by means of sound  and gives one’s imagination much food, which consequently leads to creation of soundscapes of silent and natural beauty. This music will abstract you from wordly vanities, you will turn your face to your inner source. The  cover picture is designed by Robert Davies, and, I think, it is appropriate for the album, expressing the author’s plan; on the picture you can see the heroes, perhaps, of the first composition – leaves of water lily with characteristic radial notch from the circumference to the center, that are floating on the water surface. Pond is a static water body, and in metaphysical notion, that always occur in the works of ambient composers, it could be the best symbol for psychic stem, unflinching, but at the same time opened for beauty, bliss and wisdom. Find your inner pond with Robert Davies.

Robert Davies’ “Pond” on DataObscura label: http://www.dataobscura.com/proddetail.php?prod=DO-048

Robert Davies – Dawn

Robert Davies is an ambient musician and graphic artist from Ithaca, New york, USA, and today I’ll review one of his albums, released on DataObscura label, that is called “Dawn”. While listening, one thing came to my mind: fairy tale. These dronescapes involuntarily create a specific atmosphere of something fantastic, may be connected with the child’s perception of the world – flight of pure imagination, not polluted with emissions of the adult life and everyday reality. These soft layers of sound cover you as if it is a warm blanket, thoughtfully laid down on you by the very Nature. This music projects primordial comfort and stability on a listener. If looking at the names of the tracks, you can easily understand, that this album is devoted to the Earth’s beginnings – “Gravitational Currents”, “New World”, “Of Vapors and Light”, “Continental Drift”, that lead to the “First Dawn” on our planet, which gives rise to emergence, broad spreading and development of life substance. These predominately physical and chemical processes turn out to be a sacred act of higher creation – creation of a world, and this sanctity was excellently depicted by Robert Davies. It should be noted, that the word “Dawn” in this album is used in its direct and figurative sense – dawn as a sunrise, and dawn as a beginning of something. I can say with confidence, that this album represents a striking example of conceptual music albums, that reveal a certain kind of a theme; it’s very typical of ambient pieces. So, become a witness of the Dawn with Robert Davies.

Robert Davies’ “Dawn” on DataObscura label: http://www.dataobscura.com/free.php
Robert Davies on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/robertdaviesambient