Brett Naucke – Southern California

Volatile and dense sonic fumes, presented in Brett Naucke’s album “Southern California”, enchanting by their ethereality and subtlety, siftness and peacefulness, are really an indispensable experience for an ambient-lover. Naturalness and self-sufficiency are characteristic of this music. From the very first track “Intro (Moving)”, with its miraculous, unworldly chords, you are involuntarily submerging into this “rabbit hole”, getting ready to enter the Wonderland. Like a rotating singing whirligig, the next tracks continue opening the sides of the author’s creation. Evident is a skillful use of synthesized sounds; it resembles movements of a painter’s hand, drawing a complex and impressive picture. The tracks are either permanent in sounding, or mobile and changing, as in “Channel (Desert)” as well. The general impression is definitely strong; such music is desired and expected. So, have a visit to “Southern California” with Brett Naucke.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams

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