Gone – Terrifying Alien Worlds

Today I put under review an album of Gone – “Terrifying Alien Worlds”, which could be referred to some kind of “science fiction” ambient, where a certain fantastic theme is developed. Frankly speaking, the first thing, that gripped my attention, was the design of the album cover picture – a picture from some comics; it awakened my memories of childhood, when I read, or to be more precise, watched “Gespenster Geschichten”, where similar artwork was used. The tracklist turned out to be interesting too; there you can find “Twin Engines”, “Signals From Another Dimension”, “Deserted Planet” and so on. All this already stimulates one’s imagination even before the immediate listening. The first track – “Twin Engines” – depicts the launch of a space vehicle, you hear noise, rattle and hiss of the ascending mechanism; later, it gives place to peaceful croaking of frogs or toads, which were disturbed by such violent and loud event. The next track “Stranded In Space” may narrate about some accident, which resulted in stop, that occured to be the first adventure. The sounding of this composition is mild and warm, though there are some knockings and creepings. The track “Signals From Another Dimension” is a representation of a radio reception, full of weird, a little bit frightening sounds. “Deserted Planet” has surreal, distorted voices, that reflect and get lost in the sea of echoes and reverberation. I think, that here a very progressive and innovatory style of playing the guitar is evident; it successfully reveals the atmosphere of the track’s concept. The sounds are sometimes aggressive and rough; so one can suggest, that what is at issue is the devastation of the planet as a result of war or some other cataclysm. The next track – “Live Transmissions” – is again concerned with wireless information exchange. The conclusion of the album, “Communication Attempt”, is a vortex of frog croakings; and it is, perhaps, the allusion of the fact, that the story hasn’t yet come to an end, because it [end] isn’t shown here at all – just the attempt of communication. The leading character may be dead, or lost, or injured, nothing is clear about them, it is only clear, that something happened. The story is only beginning. So, get some terrifying impressions from alien worlds of Gone.

Gone’s “Terrifying Alien Worlds” on The Umbrella Noize Collective label: http://www.umbrellanoize.com/[UMB025].html

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