M. Geddes Gengras – This Could Be The Last Time

A nice accopmpaniment for being sleepy, dreamy or drowsy – being in a transitional state between wakefulness and unconsciousness, M. Geddes Gengra’s album “This Could Be The Last Time”, is a nice novelty for a dronehead’s collection. With its nostalgic synthesizer pads and arpeggios, it is sure to bring you into a lost and obscured stratum of your mind, where peace and balance are the base components. Phasing elements, diffuse notes, rapid squeakings, and some poriferous textures of this album create the mood of smoothness, thoughtfulness and lucidity, it is a true psychedelic experience without implying any chemical means. So, don’t lose a second – “This Could Be The Last Time”.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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