Kevin Greenspon – Bracing

Kevin Greenspon’s album “Bracing”, released on Obeast Tapes label is now under review. Tabular, tasty distorted guitar sounds of this work are the result of the author’s mind lantern flaming with its sometimes harsh, sometimes tender, sometimes silent, and sometimes almost furious glimmers. The environment, created by Kevin is irregular, from dense strata, to ephemeral clots of acoustic waves, from reminiscent of explosions, as in “Bracing”, to resembling angelic singing, as in “Bloom”. The work is rather versatile, containing different moods, methods of playing, different textures and speeds, and in spite of the mentioned “explosions” and furious “attacks”, the entire album is mainly concerned with airness and lightness, it leaves a pleasant afterdrone in the listener’s mind. So, resonate with Kevin Greenspon’s “Bracing”.

Kevin Greenspon’s official site

Obeast Tapes label

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

Also available on CD at Family Time Records

And on Bridgetown Records!

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