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[neuma] – Mourning Star

March release of 2009 on Biodata Netlabel appeared to be [neuma]’s “Mourning Star”, an experimental noise ambient single-track album. It starts with high-tone sounds, which immediately start pulsating, with the progressive addition of new elements, as if a frame, becoming overgrown with new elements. On the fourth minute of the track, you can hear some shot-like sounds, which turn to become rhythmic, and after the seventh minute, they fade out, leaving place for almost melodic part, which, in its turn, disappear in the initial pulsatings. Jointly with the strange cover art picture, the album give rise to mysterious feelings. The casuistry of “Mourning Star” and “Morning Star”, which made me be strongly mistaken (great thanks to attentive and thoughtful readers!), and also made me rewrite the whole review, may play a significant role here, implying some kind of disastrous phenomena or object, which causes sorrowful emotional experiences. So, watch the “Mourning Star” of [neuma].

Official release on Biodata Netlabel

Jazznoize – Alba

The starting track “Aisla” of Jazznoize’s album “Alba”, released on Biodata Netlabel, seemed to presage a calm, restful listening, with gently singing crickets and purple placidity of night. However, the next compositions will make you change your mind and become alerted. “Komintern” is the first swallow of the coming collapse – perturbed, precautionary echoing and ringing particles are already spreading in your mind, through the headphones; in the end of the track there is silence, but it is a calm before the storm. “Viento Urbano” is the following piece, with rush of chaotic conglomerations of harsh noise, pipes and distorted forms. “XGAE” is again harsh, furious and powerful. The whole work deserves attention, and it really produce some contradictory feelings, and it is sure to make you puzzled with its peculiarity and eccentricity. So, have some unusual joy with “Alba” by Jazznoize.

Official release on Biodata Netlabel


Another interesting specimen from Biodata Netlabel turns to be ABLUONIHIL’s “R100%=G”, with very peculiar title, and as much peculiar music – the product of experimenting with the nature of noise. You can hear low drones, as in the first track “Tiempo”, chaotic swirls and changes as in “Vacio”, high-toned pipes, as in “Pensamientos”, enveloping humming, as in “Ruido Interno”, some strange abrupt textures, as in “Ruido Externo”, and sandwiches, made of different layers of noise, as in the last track “Medio Final”. In the whole, the sounding is unobtrusive, moreover, it represents a very pleasant and expected item in the collection of an experimental-music-lover. The idea of the album is original and worth listening. So, have some “R100%=G” with ABLUONIHIL.

Official release page on Biodata Netlabel

Piscis – Diatomita

Strange and wayward, specific and original is the work of Piscis, called “Diatomita”, released on Biodata Netlabel. I don’t know much of the author, the “making of” the album, and the album philosophy, but I can affirm, that much soul is put in this work. “Diatomita” is a real vortex of weird sounds of guitar nips, of something made of metal, some bow use is detected. I assume, that some self-made instruments or some non-musical instruments were implied, may be even accidentally found nearby. Piscis’ music produces wonder, with its unexpected methods and solutions; it is a real surrealism in music. The sound is travelling from right channel to left, than from left to right, and once again in the manner of Brownian motion. So, get a little bit puzzled (in the finest sense of the word) with “Diatomita” by Piscis.

“Diatomita” on Biodata Netlabel

Out Level – Delay (Guitar Solo #4)

Do you want to hear some alternative kind of playing guitar? So, go to Biodata netlabel, where you can find a bizarre release of Out Level, called “Delay (Guitar Solo #4)”. The technical point of the album is clear – the artist uses guitar and guitar effects, the leading of which is Delay – a nice instrument for making any sound psychedelic, tending to infinity. Listening to these 5 tracks, you are obligatory to get a feeling of large space, where from different corners strange tickings, howlings and slidings entangle your inner screen. It is just a guitar, but it sounds like something more. Out Level’s music shows, that such an ordinary and habitual musical instrument, as guitar, can reveal itself as a source of new, almost unknown sounding. Though the tracks are named equally and in technical manner, as just the name of the guitar effect, I think, that they have something poetical and mystic in their very essence, because this ambience won’t make you indifferent, it will definitely give rise to new  echoing impressions, and, perhaps, it will give you inspiration to find new properties of everyday things, especially sonic things. So, get some echoes with Out Level – the discoverer of Guitar Terra Incognita.

Out Level’s “Delay (Guitar Solo #4)” on Biodata netlabel: http://www.biodata.rakumin.org/x/biodata32-out-level-delay-guitar-solo-4/
Out Level’s official site: http://outlevel.yolasite.com/