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Marta Kubišová – Modlitba Pro Martu (A Prayer For Marta)

For the first time on Agniworld a piece of music, which doesn’t officially belong to experimental music, is reviewed. It is a song by Marta Kubišová, a Czech singer, which flew to the open world in the hard 1968, at the time of the so-called Prague Spring, when the whole world froze in fear of the beginning of a new armed conflict, or even a new world war. This song became an anthem for this period and that generation of people. I won’t go deep into this, as the History will tell this story much better than me. In this article I will pay attention to some certain music and sonic features, which made such a strong and heartfelt song. At first, the voice of Marta – it is perfect and it is unquestionable. Here – I want to accentuate the organ sound, which appears to be the decisive element of the composition – I think, that many musicians can envy this rich and profound sounding. As you can notice, the song consists of three parts, all of them have different moods – in the first part the organ is turned into the “church” mode, then comes some kind of a “jazz” mode, and, at last comes the “psychedelic” mode with cloudy vibrato and wider projection. These parts are different, but their difference doesn’t inerfere with the entire unity – they represent a very successful case of compositional harmony and the harmony of moods – though they [moods] are interflowing into one – as for me, I’ve got very complicated and versatile feelings, when listening to “Modlitba Pro Martu”, but I can confirm, that these feelings are not simply full of light – they ARE light! I’m not surprised, that this masterpiece managed to inflame many thousands of hearts during such indefinite, stirring and hard events, which happened in 1968. Those years and those events are behind, but I believe, that this Prayer is able to become a sonic Prometheus nowadays, it is able to inspire to find inner peace and to seek for the outer peace. Three minutes of this song contain a big dramatic situatuon in the past and the faith in the Better Future. So, let’s join Marta’s Prayer.

Listen to “Modlitba Pro Martu” and watch some slides on Youtube

Marta Kubišová’s unofficial site

Marta Kubišová’s official site

Akinesia – Each Flower Is Love

Now let’s proceed to one of Akinesia’s albums, which has a very poetic and philosophical title – “Each Flower Is Love”, released on DNA Production netlabel. The album is represented by one track, with total duration of almost 23 minutes – it may seem a little bit short, but it is rather enough to realize the beauty of this ambient creation! Swelling like the light of the rising sun, the first sounds are an indistinct drone, but some seconds later you are sure to recognize the succession of liquid loops, which then are supported by a covering fire of a linear atmosperic sound layer. Somewhere between the 8th and the 9th minute you’ll hear the transition to the music of another characteristicts: now the ambience has diminished its frequency – it is like breath, and this ergonomic rhythm brings you into a condition of comfortable suspension. From time to time you can discern some accompanying sounds of strings, which carefully lead the whole somposition to the outcome, when the initial liquid loops are rolling again.  This single track seemed to me analogous to the flight of the airplane – with its takeoff, the very flight, and the landing. By the way, at the “landing” of the composition you hear a vague female voice, telling us something about the sense of the whole idea of the album – I can’t recognize the words exactly, but first the voice uses the English language, and then comes to maybe Latin American languages, and maybe French. Then, the track abruptly finishes, leaving a small tail of residual echoes or reverberation. The whole work is quite in accordance with its title – it is a real sound flower, which, in its turn, is love. Truly, if we use the metaphysical approach to the title, we can agree, that in some way the growth of flowers is closely connected with such a high notion, as love; flower, and any other plant – is the earth’s attraction to the sky – it is the realization of their deep feeling, combined with their beauty and openness. So, make some observations of love in the nature with Akinesia’s album.

“Each Flower Is Love” on DNA Productions netlabel

Akinesia on MySpace

Occurrences In Rain – Climbing Ladders Into Falling Objects

It is great, that nowadays creating music became available to lots of people, who truly are capable and like to write it. More means of creating, recording and extracting of sounds are opened for us. And I’m glad, that the project Occurrences In Rain used this oportunity. Now, we shall proceed to its fresh album, called “Climbing Ladders Into Falling Objects” – a very abstract title, which makes us imagine some kind of a Sisyphus, who tries to climb higher, but as the top of the ladder is tending down, he stays on the same place. The title track, which occurs to be the first one, is represented by widespread mild drone, presumably of string character, with slight changes in its run, but in spite of this minimalism, the track exposes rather picturesque mindscapes, giving a start to a meditative listening, conjugated with deep thoughts. The next track, “Suppressed Panic Upon Approaching The Kuiper Belt”, suggests, that here the author narrates about a long travel in space. As in the case with the albums of the project Kalte, here I also had to consult the Internet regarding the Kuiper Belt, which appeared to be a large asteroid belt beyond the Neptune orbit, so I clearly understood, why the “suppressed panic” should come while approaching this region of cosmos, because asteroid clusters are no good when flying on a space ship. The whole track is of low-toned drone, having some oscillations and damped slow pulsation; at the end of it you can hear a distant melody, with blurred structure and irregular composition – but it is evident, that it symbolizes relief – maybe the passing through the Kuiper Belt finished without any loss. The next track, with the title “As Velocity Increased Time Slowed Then Passed In Reverse”, with its swelling rush of a bass drone, tells us another part of this voyage, when the wanderers came across some phenomena, emerging at a speed of light, and some new phenomena, up to now unknown to the modern science. This album is like a science-fiction story or even a novel with a plot, which, however, assumes freedom for a listener’s imagination. Thus, I won’t decipher the rest of it, because everyone must get his own story. Anyway, this is a very nice and educative album for an ambient lover – so, enjoy it!

Enjoy this release on Bandcamp!

Mystified – Bone Drones 3

Thomas Jackson Park, aka Mystified, goes on pioneering the virgin depths of ambient experimental music, setting a nice example through his devotion to the genre and his prolific releases; and today we shall discuss his new album, released on Webbed Hand Records, which is called “Bone Drones 3”. This four-track album is represented by thoughtfully and fancifully processed sounds, initially generated on trombone. Even though the sound was processed, it preserved its naturalness and the warmth of life, breathed by the artist himself in its direct and figurative sense, because aerophones are silent without human exhalations. The first track, “Bone Drone 11” turns out to be the airy and pleasant cushion of sound, which firstly seemed to me the work of an orchestra, as well as the other tracks.  However, getting some information from the official release page I learnt, that all these enveloping and monumental substances are the result of Mystified’s keenness of wit, who has the sharp feeling of space, time, music and mood; he knows how to turn the sonic fluction into the right way. So, let’s sink in the atmosphere of Mystified’s “Bone Drones 3”.

Official release page
Mystified’s official site

Allessio Ballerini – Me And

“Me And” is the album by Allessio Ballerini, released on Somehow Recordings, and which is sure to conquer your hearts. It starts with the track called “Half Water”, built of rainy and fresh-aired field recordings and heavy, but tender and smooth bass blows, increasing their strength with the lapse of the piece; also here you can hear a flickering background drone – a radiation of comfort, kindness and serenity. This “entrance track” politely and thoughtfully involves you in the rest levels of Ballerini’s atmosphere. The next track, which entitles the whole work, is probably a result of guitar processing with gradual succession of gentle chords and permeating soft noise. The third piece, “Movement Two”, is likely to be connected more with air and wind, because it has features of blowing, rather than flowing – it has another nature of motion – it is ethereal and tenuous, which is more characteristic of gas condition. Track number 4, “In All Of Us”, is represented by 7 minutes of low drone with subtly manifesting changes and oscillations. “Sun Of Venere” has some kind of lo-fi design, though it still has brilliant and pleasant sounding; you find here different textures – plain drones, splash-likes squeaks, and powerful wall of sound, enveloping all of your essence in a layer of warm and light cloud. “Movement Three” has some kind of vocal inclusions or something resembling them, embedded in water-like sounds and slow waves of drones. The concluding “You” is constructed by the layer of soft noise and subtle ambient melody, obscured by the noisy fumes and trying to make its way through this dense and white barrier. The whole impression, made by this album is really great and unforgettable – it lets you experience new dimensions of sound and see new horizons of imagination. So, have a listen to “Me And” by Allessio Ballerini.

Official release on Somehow Recordings’ Bandcamp page

Saito Koji – Dreamers

“Dreamers” is an album by Saito Koji, which was released on Somehow Recordings, and today it turns out to be the subject of Agniworld’s discussion. The tracklist organization of this work is quite simple and clear: it consists of two exactly 20 minutes length tracks, which represent the sphere of drone ambient. As I learned from the off-site source of information (Norman Records), this album was written during the Fukushima disaster, and indeed, realizing it, the perception of Saito Koji’s music changes cardinally. Without knowing this, I felt, that it is just a set of serene and pleasant ambiences, but after learning the circumstances of the author’s creation, new sides and new corners became visible. The first track introduces the listener into some kind of prostration and a slight hint of agitation by accordion-like drones, which don’t change a lot during the whole piece, for me it resembles the static gaze into the distant area without an intention to discern anything. Just a prostrated and a little bit trembling gaze. The next part of “Dreamers” is of lower-tone colouring, and if compared with the previous one, it is warmer and calmer, though it continues the former tendency to be static and to have low quantity of audible changes – it is a smooth and stable layer of drone, which, however has some subtle pulse – tardy and measured, as if the space echoes in a blurred way through the dense suspension of glowing particles. I must admit, the both tracks seemed to me a kind of psychic drawing, a steady building of certain moods, as if the music was created when the author’s heart and head were directly connected to the recorder, being the only musical instruments at his disposal. And I think, this connection is rather successful and worth listening to. So, join the “Dreamers” of Saito Koji.

“Dreamers” on Somehow Recordings

Saåad – Pink Sabbath

Today I bring to your attention a brutally atmospheric and esoteric self-released album “Pink Sabbath”, which appears to be the creation of Saåad, a mysterious and newest (for me) project, run by Romain Barbot. As I can understand from the sounding of this work, it is represented by processed sounds of Tibetan ritual instruments – huge horns and maybe some other. The opening track, “Pink Sabbath” is introducing you to the Saåad’s sacrament of vibrations, ringing and brain-exploding massive drones. The sonic contours are blurred and obscured, as if located in the far away distance, but through the flooding light of it you distinguish different elements. The tracks are smoothly passing one into another, so the whole album may be considered as a single track, though having various parts and moods. For me the most striking theme is the last, called “Southberry Tower”, with its majestic and strong radiance, which as if reveals the power of the Himalayas, where the mythic (or not mythic, who knows?) land of Shambala is situated. The music is rather energetic and purifying – you can feel some kind of takeoff, detachment from the physic level, rushing into the roasting depths of Light. So, join the “Pink Sabbath” of Saåad.

Self-release page on Bandcamp

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

Saåad on MySpace

Akumu – Descent

Akumu is the one-man project, run by Deane Hughes, who also worked with Rik MacLean in the collaborative project Kalte, already reviewed here. Akumu, translated from Japan as “nightmare”, is again concentrated on longform drone landscapes, and listening to his album “Descent”, released on No Type/Panospia label, you are sure to see, that singly musicians of Kalte are making music of the same magnificence. The album consists of four tracks, three of them representing the triptych of “Hive”, and the last, called “Descent”.  The first feature, I came across, studying Akumu’s material, is the fractured sonic picture, with warm crackles and dense and solid layers. It should be noted, that all the music is based on field recordings, made within train stations, banks, buildings, and they are synthetically processed, giving rise to remarkably strange ambient textures. It is not noise ambient, there are no harsh attacks, just on the contrary, it is pleasant to listen to all the tracks; it is some kind of soft, gently noise. There are different ambient fluctuations here – from constant droning, as in “Hive (Part 1)”, tidal swells, as in the next piece, through irregular forms of the third part of “Hive”, to monumental and mixed structure of “Descent”, a 24 minutes tracks, with its own development, parallel story lines and overall magic capture of the listener. For me personally, it was a real joy and psychic saturation to listen to this album – it is like to read a perfect book – you are sure to remember it again and again. So, make a descent into the soft noise Hive of Akumu’s imagination.

Official release page

Akumu’s official site

Occurrences In Rain – Wafting Magic

Occurrences In Rain is a collaboration project between two musicians, which work via internet and had never met physically; they are a Polish artist Bruno Janiszewski and an American artist Precipitous. By the moment they released three albums on their own bandcamp page, and now I will concentrate on one of them, called “Wafting Magic”. For me it was a sudden discovery, and I am really glad to come across such prostrating and enveloping ambient music. The album opens with “(They Were) Tuned To Wafting Magic”, which truly represents the tuning to some majestic kind of mood, as if making the listener ready to the artists’ flight of fantasy. It is worth mentioning, that on their SoundCloud page, the musicians give a detailed description of the tracks; this helps to plunge into their world deeper and thoroughly. You can hear various field recordings, which enrich the whole atmosphere – and it proves Occurrences In Rain to be thoughtful and serious ambient composers. Then comes “Sixteen Seconds Before Collapse” – a subtle, but dense airy drone with some metallic found sounds, having a very mystic and a little bit frightening (in the best meaning of this word!) environment. The sound is growing more strained and alerted – the track’s title contains the warning, that something must happen. “Anticipating A Sudden Lack Of Oxygen” again has some kind of agitated climate, with suddenly appearing howlings, squeaks, which later abruptly fade away, and appear once again. “The Inner Peace Of Profound Longing” represents a vibrating set of pulsing drone, oscillations of which, as if due to the frictional force, produces tangible warmth. This was the brief review of this album, I won’t perform an exhaustive vivisection, because primarily this music must be heard and listened to, as it really carries emotions, images and energy from the authors. So, get some “Wafting Magic” from Occurrences In Rain.

Self-release page on Bandcamp

All tracks on SoundCloud

Stellardrone – A Moment Of Stillness

It’s high time now to return to some starlit ambient, and for this time it would be the work of Stellardrone, called “A Moment Of Stillness”, a self-released drone ambient 27 minutes and 5 track album. Having rhythmic elements, really it doesn’t seem to me a rhythmic at all, for it has more atmospheric and substantial features, than moving and going; even a flat drone has hidden microrhythms, but it is static and soaring. So, let’s turn to the material itself. The opening track, which entitles the whole album, gives the takeoff for the following strata of the author’s cosmic fantasy – “Billions And Billions” with its cyclical structure is evident to reveal the boundlessness of the great Universe, where even the enormous numbers with lots of zeros are vanishing in the Infinity, and any number, you can imagine, is sure to be absorbed and to surrender to this magic space. “Lights In The Sky” appears to be the sparkling soothing ambience, with flowing and flying elements, which emerge out of centuries-old vacuum, and then fading away. You are sure to feel the pulsating nature of this track, where its intercrossing frequencies create a definite atmosphere of serene and colourful surrounding, made by the weak light of the stars, which in spite of being so far away, presents their rays to Earth. “Solar Eclipse” is also mild and rather radiant with its blurred construction, resembling the interflowing of liquids with different density. The conclusion, “Twilight” is represented by synthesized and, maybe guitar melody, which, as if the poetic passage, complements the picture, which was created by the author. So, catch the Moment Of Stillness with Stellardrone.

Official self-release page

Stanislav Rubyteno – Quinta Lupinus

Emerging from the deep, as if progressively gaining strength, Stanislav Rubyteno’s one-track album “Quinta Lupinus” exposes the wide inner panorama of the author’s creative mind. This was released on Ukranian netlabel Umpako on 26th of April, 2011. As for the persona of Stanislav, he is the owner of Aventuel netlabel, and he’s writing music since 1998. The mentioned album, “Quinta Lupinus” is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of theChernobyltragedy, when the entire world learnt, how the other side of the peaceful atomic industry looks like. In the process of the creation such instruments as radio, mobile phone, cassettes, synthesizer and audio player were used. While listening to the whole 30 minutes thing, you are sure to get the mixed feelings of gloominess and apprehension; furthermore, some lucid and flanging images appear, turning one into another. For me personally, this music appeared before me flooded with saturated orange light, sometimes being sprinkled with some inexact corroded elements and subtle distortions. The sonic flow resembles a dream, when your mind is like a stroboscope, with flashing pictures, sudden changes in the environment and plexiform plots. I also must mark out the fibrillating organ or some other synthesized sound, which encompasses the whole album, and absorbs the other coexisting components.

Official release page on Umpako netlabel

Stanislav’s Aventuel Netlabel

Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear – Split

Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear – two projects from Finland and Russia respectively, have a great split, which was released on Karelian label Full Of Nothing, locating in Petrozavodsk. It is a cassette split with the A-side belonging to Ous Mal, and B-side belonging to Bedroom Bear. Ous Mal’s material consists of short sweet ambient tracks, which produce some kind of childish comfort and the light feeling of freshness and light-heartedness. As it is explained at the official release page, the author uses some samples, based on vinyl and tape sounds, creating a warm and very tender atmosphere. In several pieces you can catch some hints and links to the starting theme, but in every track the shades of this subtle impression differ from the previous one. For me personally this part of the split resembles the gentle smell of morning coffee with milk combined with loving embraces and observing the golden rays of the rising sun, It is a very natural and vivid work, which will definitely conquer your heart. The B-side, occupied by Bedroom Bear three tracks, tends to be more linear, but developing sunshine drones; their ringing is like awakening stretched bells, with some a little bit disturbing, but still kind-hearted machine elements, as in the end of “Sun Glyph”. “Down The Curly Sea” is a great result of, how I can suppose, processing of field recordings, or an act of imitating them (in this case this imitating is a very successful one!). Jointly with the beautiful poetic title, this track leaves a truly pleasant impression. The conclusion – “Crystal Gaze”, perhaps, made of harmonica sounds, accomplish the right sonic stroke for the split, combining some nostalgic and dreamy notes, and provoking us to listen to the tape again. So, have some inner joy with the split of Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear.

Official release page on Full Of Nothing label

Ous Mal on My Space

Bedroom Bear on Tumblr

The split on Soundcloud

Disturbed Earth – Hotel

The album “Hotel” by Disturbed Earth, released on AtmoWorks label, is a creation of Dean Richards, an ambient musician from Melbourne,Australia. This work is a significant one in his activity, as it describes one place in Florida, located somewhere close to the nature, which he called his hotel, and where he became Disturbed Earth. Really, nature is a great source of music inspiration, and in this drone ambient album, constructed by pedal harmonium and guitar sounds, additionally encrusted by found sounds, represents a great example of such natural influence. The starting point is “Outboard”, beginning with ringing drone, furnished with gentle helicopter-like sounds, unhurriedly moving to a serene, radiant island of ambience, located in the end of the track. “Shanty”, supposedly describing a far away hut, somewhere in the forest, precisely reveal this accommodation, filled with tinkling of the wind chimes, some subtly swooshing sounds, reminding of a draught in a room with opened windows, and some other surrounding hummings. “Greasy”  appears to be a smooth, blurred and peaceful ambience, though not lacking some light coating of sadness; again, on the background you can hear some field recordings, saturating the natural flow of these fragrant and pleasant sonic waves. The titling track “Hotel” is a great solution of the natural sounds, and the sounds, produced by the musician; in this case, the solution is neutral – it is comfortable and warm, as if it is the intrauterine liquid inside of a mother’s abdomen, where a child is emerging and preparing to see the light of our world. “Jalousie” is the longest track in the album, and the most saturated with the mentioned found sounds, and the music here is appearing and vanishing, like sea tides; it is an amicable succession of natural and artificial energies, interlacing into a tranquil and enlightening symphony. So, pay a visit to Disturbed Earth’s “Hotel”.

Official release page


Disturbed Earth on Myspace

Ran Kirlian – Isolated Landscapes

Voluminous and mystical, esoteric and ominous is the album by a Spanish musician Ran Kirlian, called “Isolated Landscapes”. Especially, while listening to the second “Enlightment Cycle”, with its almost Tibetan solid mantric ringing and sounding, you can feel this powerful and puzzling experience. I don’t know exactly, whether it was the use of natural musical instruments, or synthesized means, but the whole impression of an inspired or even ecstatic ensemble is created. This album reminds me of some strongly isolated ceremony, the ceremony of transformation and dissolution in space, when the consciousness is not already concentrated in just one point, but it merged with the Universe. The sounds are truly pleasant for a drone-lover, and moreover, their duration makes us glad either – the tracks are in the range of 13-27 minutes, so you are sure to have a thorough meditative spare time, and completely to surrender to this tumultuous ocean of sonic waves. For me personally, music from this album turned out to be a psychedelic experience, in its strict sense, for my PSYCHics was really DELighted. The huge, enveloping layers of bells, some fluffy atmospheres, vocals, resembling throat signing, powerful background low drones are the determinant elements in making of this peculiar, unworldly and transcendental climate. So, have a continuous glance at “Isolated Landscapes” by Ran Kirlian.

Ran Kirlian’s official site

Official release page

“Isolated Landscapes” on Jamendo

Mystified – Ophir

Now let’s have some new portion of bizarre and pensive music from Thomas Park’s project Mystified and his 2008 Dark Winter release “Ophir”. First, let’s discuss the title: Ophir is a biblical region, location of which is unknown till present days – it is the place, closely related to King Solomon’s treasures. Also, a martial canyon was named in the name of this region. What was the initial and exact source of inspiration for Mystified remains a mystery; strictly speaking Mystified justifies his name. The main feature of this drone ambient album is minimalism and straightforwardness, though if going deep into this creation, if feeling it keenly, you are sure to enjoy the implied solid textures and unfathomable moods, resorted by Thomas Park. You hear some low-tone ringings, wide and thick strata of soft noise, hummings and slightly eroded distant melodies. The album is crowned by more than half an hour long track “Constant”, which again justifies its name – permanent drone in the aggregate with noise, builds this long, monotonous composition, but it doesn’t make you worn out, in spite of its structure, it isn’t boring – it is some kind of a field recording from another, parallel world. So, join Mystified’s revelations with his album “Ophir”.

Mystified’s official site

Official release page on Dark Winter label