op.cit – The Echosweel Understation

With the first enigmatic sounds of this album your attention is dragged into a strange world of miracles and phantoms. Have a listen to “The Echosweel Understation”, an album of op.cit., a musician from Saint Petersburg, to make a journey through the fanciful soundscapes of his musical fantasy. I’m not quite aware of the album’s concept, as there are no description at the release page on Qulture Production label website, but I can suggest, that  it has some oceanic character, especially if you connect it with the cover picture. Something is bubbling, flowing, suddenly emerging, then disappearing, and dissolving in vast space. The style of op.cit. is applied to ambient music with some noise element, furthermore, it is a definite musical experiment, because “The Echosweel Understation” sounds fresh and unusual, though attracting and really amazing. The album consists of 5 tracks and lasts about 24 minutes, it is not a large album, however, it manages to capture one’s mind. The music is simple, minimal and balanced, and it infects a listener with these features, making him meditative, relaxed and satisfied. If you want to enter the atmosphere of strangeness and alienation, the best choice for accompanying this transcending process is to add this album on your music player and to have a continuous walk.

op.cit on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/opcitmusic
op.cit.‘s “The Echosweel Understation” on Qulture Production label: http://www.qulture.ru/?menu=2&mp3=104

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