Luis Antero – Factory Music

Music is all around us. It flows not only out of radios, players, tape recorders, acoustic systems. No. Definitely, there is a great variety of sonic sources, which can be encountered everyday, always and everywhere. Luis Antero, whose work had already been reviewed here (Out Level’s “Delay (Guitar Solo #4)”), is one of those dedicated field-recordings lovers, who again proves this fact. In his work, released on Wandering Ear label, called “Factory Music”, he portrayed the musical potential of industry, its ability to give an aesthetic pleasure with its abundant saturated drones, hisses and knockings. Listening to works of field recordings can be successful in the case of greedy perception of such tracks. Complying with this, you are sure to feel the depth of the sound, and maybe the soul of the initial sonic resource. So, cross the threshold of Luis Antero’s Factory.

“Factory Music” on Wandering Ear label

Luis Antero’s official site

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