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THIRD I – The Birds/Ptice

Do you like to have a walk in the forest, to submerge into the thick of birds’ tweet, the chirr of grasshoppers and other insects? Well, the project THIRD I from Serbia can give you such an opportunity with their album “The Birds/Ptice”. The album consists of only one 13 minutes track. Firstly, you may consider this work to be an ordinary field recording without any tricks, but just as soon as you got this idea, you will hear bizzare sounds, as if it is a forest of some parallel reality, or the same terrestrial forest, but with some new species of animals. The whole sonic climate is calm, though not lacking some mystery. So, listen to new birds of the THIRD I.

THIRD I’s “Birds” on RUSZUD label: http://www.ruszud.com/releases/rz197-third-i-the-birds-ptice-2010/
THIRD I on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/krikunutrasnjosti