Pale Blue Sky – Souvenir

Stable and luminous, dreamy and life-asserting is the cassette release from Jugular Forest label, called “Souvenir” by Pale Blue Sky. “Far away music for memories”, as quite accurately observed on the official release page, with its tranquilizing and ennobling notes, is definitely well-organized, in spite of the seemingly simple structure and the manner of performance. It’s not enough to be keen on playing music, and it’s really not necessary to complicate music with numerous elements and effects – to create a certain peculiar atmosphere one must rely on his inner voice and the flash of inspiration, combined knowledge and feeling of music. Mike Pollard managed to achieve this result in his project Pale Blue Sky. This regular, balanced soft drones appear to be a real souvenir, and may be a gift for a ambient-lover. So, accept the “Souvenir” from Pale Blue Sky.

Official release page on Jugular Forest

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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