Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear – Split

Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear – two projects from Finland and Russia respectively, have a great split, which was released on Karelian label Full Of Nothing, locating in Petrozavodsk. It is a cassette split with the A-side belonging to Ous Mal, and B-side belonging to Bedroom Bear. Ous Mal’s material consists of short sweet ambient tracks, which produce some kind of childish comfort and the light feeling of freshness and light-heartedness. As it is explained at the official release page, the author uses some samples, based on vinyl and tape sounds, creating a warm and very tender atmosphere. In several pieces you can catch some hints and links to the starting theme, but in every track the shades of this subtle impression differ from the previous one. For me personally this part of the split resembles the gentle smell of morning coffee with milk combined with loving embraces and observing the golden rays of the rising sun, It is a very natural and vivid work, which will definitely conquer your heart. The B-side, occupied by Bedroom Bear three tracks, tends to be more linear, but developing sunshine drones; their ringing is like awakening stretched bells, with some a little bit disturbing, but still kind-hearted machine elements, as in the end of “Sun Glyph”. “Down The Curly Sea” is a great result of, how I can suppose, processing of field recordings, or an act of imitating them (in this case this imitating is a very successful one!). Jointly with the beautiful poetic title, this track leaves a truly pleasant impression. The conclusion – “Crystal Gaze”, perhaps, made of harmonica sounds, accomplish the right sonic stroke for the split, combining some nostalgic and dreamy notes, and provoking us to listen to the tape again. So, have some inner joy with the split of Ous Mal and Bedroom Bear.

Official release page on Full Of Nothing label

Ous Mal on My Space

Bedroom Bear on Tumblr

The split on Soundcloud

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