Coldstream – South Island

One day, on Deleted scenes Forgotten Dreams blog, I stumbled across an interesting release from the label Under The Spire. It was called “South Island”, written by Coldstream. It consists of 4 tracks, with total duration of 48 minutes. The sounding is constructed by stratified guitar drones, either drawling and atmospheric, or melodic. Though every track is worth listening, I would like to single out one of them – “Golden Road”. With its high and low tides of pleasant quitar chords, swelling little by little, with some cymbals, arising from the calm of the whole environment, a contradictory mood is emerging. From one point of view, there’s a layer of some kind of tragedy and oblivion, but on the other
side, there’s a slight beam of hope and revelation in solitude. Watching the cover of the album, you can also get that feeling. Maybe it’s the photo from Strond, a small village, situated on the Faroe Island, which inspired the author to write the fourth track. I consider this album very touching, chilly and impressive, it’s a nice background for being deep in thoughts. So, set your foot on the South Island with Coldstream.

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams blog:

Official release site:

Coldstream’s official blog:

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