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Marta Kubišová – Modlitba Pro Martu (A Prayer For Marta)

For the first time on Agniworld a piece of music, which doesn’t officially belong to experimental music, is reviewed. It is a song by Marta Kubišová, a Czech singer, which flew to the open world in the hard 1968, at the time of the so-called Prague Spring, when the whole world froze in fear of the beginning of a new armed conflict, or even a new world war. This song became an anthem for this period and that generation of people. I won’t go deep into this, as the History will tell this story much better than me. In this article I will pay attention to some certain music and sonic features, which made such a strong and heartfelt song. At first, the voice of Marta – it is perfect and it is unquestionable. Here – I want to accentuate the organ sound, which appears to be the decisive element of the composition – I think, that many musicians can envy this rich and profound sounding. As you can notice, the song consists of three parts, all of them have different moods – in the first part the organ is turned into the “church” mode, then comes some kind of a “jazz” mode, and, at last comes the “psychedelic” mode with cloudy vibrato and wider projection. These parts are different, but their difference doesn’t inerfere with the entire unity – they represent a very successful case of compositional harmony and the harmony of moods – though they [moods] are interflowing into one – as for me, I’ve got very complicated and versatile feelings, when listening to “Modlitba Pro Martu”, but I can confirm, that these feelings are not simply full of light – they ARE light! I’m not surprised, that this masterpiece managed to inflame many thousands of hearts during such indefinite, stirring and hard events, which happened in 1968. Those years and those events are behind, but I believe, that this Prayer is able to become a sonic Prometheus nowadays, it is able to inspire to find inner peace and to seek for the outer peace. Three minutes of this song contain a big dramatic situatuon in the past and the faith in the Better Future. So, let’s join Marta’s Prayer.

Listen to “Modlitba Pro Martu” and watch some slides on Youtube

Marta Kubišová’s unofficial site

Marta Kubišová’s official site

Jüppala Kääpiö – Rainbow Mask

As if suddenly switching on, Jüppala Kääpiö’s “Rainbow Mask” starts its thorny way along the listener’s ear tract, and, transformed into the other energetic form, reaches the brain, making it shiver with unearthly vibrations and shine with inconceivable kind of inner light. Honestly, this album represents a gripping psychedelic experience, made of unfolding synthesized sounds, guitar drones, voices, constituting a rather organic texture, with the effect of expansion and overall penetration, as if it is a choir of some extraterrestrial beings, whose mantric singing blends in to a massive, rainbow and radiant flow. The entire album definitely possesses some kind of magnetism or gravitation, for the tracks’ moods are able to cleanse you of various vain thoughts, occupying the liberated mental space with magic droning energy. So, try Jüppala Kääpiö’s “Rainbow Mask” on.

Jüppala Kääpiö on My Space

Omnimemento label

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