Wialenove – Across The Universe

“Across The Universe” is an ambient album of Wialenove – a Russian musician from Saint Petersburg, who often dedicates his works to cosmic themes. It was published in 2008 on Qulture Production label. The album opens with the majestic piano sounds of “Space Sea”, which later on submerge into reverberant fields of outer space. The rythm resembles the movements of the sea waves, which come into collision with the coast. The next track – “Space Tree” – is rather tranquil, as if something is hiding in the flickering twilight of galaxies and nebulas. And the culminating piece – “Across The Universe” turns out to be a real astronomic “Bolero” with its progressing wall of sound, which absorbs the whole of the listener. This wonderful track has its rythm too, it is like a step of the Cosmic Lord, whose radiance penetrates your very essence. As for me, “Across The Universe” sends shivers down my spine and I feel some swirling kind of power. I must say, this album is certain to charge you with energy, and to make you burst out imagining some great extraterrestrial pictures. It’s not a very long-playing album, but those 24 minutes and 21 seconds will be enough to open your brainpan for connection with space.

Wialenove’s “Across The Universe” on Qulture Production: http://www.qulture.ru/?menu=2&mp3=55
Wialenove on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/wialenove

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