Willy Stamati – La Folie En Bouteille

Willy Stamati is an experimental noise ambient project from Donetsk, Ukraine, and “La Folie En Bouteille” is one of his albums, which is dedicated to absinth. On the cover picture you may see the painting of Viktor Oliva “Absinthe Drinker”, where the green muse (“La Verte Muse”), perhaps, gives inspiration to the lover of this beverage. All of the four tracks of the album are connected with absinth, and their sounding reveals, that certainly it is not a very blissful experience – you can feel some kind of heaviness and doom in these distorted drones, fuzzing and crackling. But inspite of these hard feelings, it is obvious, that it is a good specimen of experimental music with interesting transitions, solutions and textures. Meet the Green Muse with Willi Stamati.
Willy Stamati’s “La Folie En Bouteille” on Noise Reactor label: http://www.noise-reactor.com/?menu=2&mp3=44
Willy Stamati on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/willystamati

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