Moods – The Sanctuary In You

“The Sanctuary In You” is a cassette release from the label Sacred Phrases, written by the artist, or the band, called Moods. The first association with the music from this album, that comes to my mind, is “artifact” – it is really some kind of an item, accidentaly found in some imaginary archaeological
research – the sound from the Past, which structure underwent partial corrosion and weathering – in this very conditions the unique sounding was born and cultivated. The track “Energy Relics” in its music and semantic sense reveal this idea. Moods suceeded in creating the effect of antiquity, with its trembling way of sound-extraction, sometimes vibrant, sometimes almost totally blurred, but carrying the most precious – the trails of music, the trails of energy, the trails of different moods, which in this album belong exceptionally to the positive field. So, find “The Sanctuary In You” with Moods.

Sacred Phrases label

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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