Tile Shore – Tile Shore

Starting with flanging sounds, as if some kind of transport is sweeping past you, the album by Tile Shore, with the same title, opens the slightly interrupted thick layer of ambience – the track, called “Orpheus”, saturated by succulent noises of different shades. The commencement is then replaced by “Exosphere”, the bright mass, full of whale-like howling and other sounds of unknown origin and belonging. Undoubtedly, this track reveals space of colossal volume, corresponding to the title of the track, “Exosphere” is the uppermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, which becomes to be the first to meet far away radiation and guests from unknown corners of the Universe – it is the first stage of the border between our planet and the outer space, and the track perfectly depicts this absorbing and soaring feeling, the discrepant feelings of maximum rarefaction, weightlessness and proximity to the planet. “Tile Blog” is represented by the complete system of sounds – from irregular and movable – to almost static or slowly gliding. I would say, that it is a sonic cocktail, constituted by wind rushes, hovering massive clouds, flickering patches of sunlight and inconceivable flows of flower fragrances. “Shades Of Drafts” as if continuing the previous mood, supplements and develops it – into a certain state of celestial cerenity, with its imposingly approaching and flying away rags of gentle sounds and sudden, but not irritating ringings. “Swamp Smoke” reminded me of the ambience, which could exist during the ancient times, when extincted animals were living – like dinosaurs, gigantic dragonflies and so on – because of the chirring and fullness with strange voices, which initially (in the process of recording) could be the human voices, but later the authors changed them out of all recognition, so that they become like voices of huge reptiles. Though, of course, I can be wrong with this association. The completion of the album, “Outflow” is a pleasant smooth ambience, which is interlaced with some field recordings of something metal, light-heartedly tinkling in the beginning of the track, giving a way to the main vibrations. Tile Shore is a Russian ambient project, consisting of two members – Anton Berkov and Serg Alexeev, who felicitously combined the music with a nice set of photographs to each of the track. The cover literally reflects the title of the album – it is the sea shore, divided into tiles, which are black-and-white in the peripheryand almost the whole picture, and coloured in the center. So, find time to enjoy this magic place, “Tile Shore”.

Tile Shore On Liminal RECS netlabel

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