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Akinesia – Each Flower Is Love

Now let’s proceed to one of Akinesia’s albums, which has a very poetic and philosophical title – “Each Flower Is Love”, released on DNA Production netlabel. The album is represented by one track, with total duration of almost 23 minutes – it may seem a little bit short, but it is rather enough to realize the beauty of this ambient creation! Swelling like the light of the rising sun, the first sounds are an indistinct drone, but some seconds later you are sure to recognize the succession of liquid loops, which then are supported by a covering fire of a linear atmosperic sound layer. Somewhere between the 8th and the 9th minute you’ll hear the transition to the music of another characteristicts: now the ambience has diminished its frequency – it is like breath, and this ergonomic rhythm brings you into a condition of comfortable suspension. From time to time you can discern some accompanying sounds of strings, which carefully lead the whole somposition to the outcome, when the initial liquid loops are rolling again.  This single track seemed to me analogous to the flight of the airplane – with its takeoff, the very flight, and the landing. By the way, at the “landing” of the composition you hear a vague female voice, telling us something about the sense of the whole idea of the album – I can’t recognize the words exactly, but first the voice uses the English language, and then comes to maybe Latin American languages, and maybe French. Then, the track abruptly finishes, leaving a small tail of residual echoes or reverberation. The whole work is quite in accordance with its title – it is a real sound flower, which, in its turn, is love. Truly, if we use the metaphysical approach to the title, we can agree, that in some way the growth of flowers is closely connected with such a high notion, as love; flower, and any other plant – is the earth’s attraction to the sky – it is the realization of their deep feeling, combined with their beauty and openness. So, make some observations of love in the nature with Akinesia’s album.

“Each Flower Is Love” on DNA Productions netlabel

Akinesia on MySpace

Akinesia – Autumn

Akinesia is a one-man project from Russia, and one of his albums, called “Autumn, released on DNA Production, is now under review. The meaning of the project’s name is “immobility”, and such a notion is quite suitable for the resulting sound. The one-track album begins with a high tones, which later on turn into a jelly-like stable ambience, which is intended to produce some kind of autumn feelings, the impression of progressively exsiccant leaves of trees, which like in an iridescent dance of death, make their way from branches to the cooling ground. In spite of this supposed sadness, the whole atmosphere is serene and lucid, and it really provokes the wish to become immobile and tranquil. So, breathe in the air of Akinesia’s “Autumn”.

Akinesia on My Space

“Autumn” on DNA Production site