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Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier – Tropical Malady

The entire work of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier “Tropical Malady” resembles a working one’s way through thick bushes in the jungle – a rather complicated task for a man, found himself there. Starting with troubled “Teach” with some ethnic drum rhythms and desperate shouts, this work later calms down, becoming more stable and flowing. The sounding is generally of synthesized origin, though it is in accordance with natural elements and phenomena – it resembles the Nature’s events. You can hear field recordings; furthermore, all of the sounds are unobtrusive and irregular, creating the spontaneous environment, characteristic of wild nature with its permanent feeling of inevitability and unpredictability. There are either incidental clusters of sounds, and balanced, solid drones, making in such a way a variable construction of the album. The general mood is quiet, with some exceptions, when sudden voices emerge, or some strange sounds appear out of nothing. So, meet the “Tropical Malady” with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier.

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Anton Mobin – Floating Wood

Again Anton Mobin gives us some happiness of travelling, and if earlier, it was a trip through London, this time it is a strange travel with “Floating Wood”, released on Green Field Recordings. Again it is a complex, or collage of field recordings, quite well put together, creating uncommon atmosphere of
observing the flow. You hear the birds, insects (the gnats are really annoying there!), some squeaks of wood, wind, purl and drops of water, some indistinct bustle. There is no audible music music here, however, the environment itself is a very nice music generator – it is a vivid and unpredictable system with irregular events and circumstances. So, join the “Floating Wood” excursion with Anton Mobin.

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Jazznoize – Alba

The starting track “Aisla” of Jazznoize’s album “Alba”, released on Biodata Netlabel, seemed to presage a calm, restful listening, with gently singing crickets and purple placidity of night. However, the next compositions will make you change your mind and become alerted. “Komintern” is the first swallow of the coming collapse – perturbed, precautionary echoing and ringing particles are already spreading in your mind, through the headphones; in the end of the track there is silence, but it is a calm before the storm. “Viento Urbano” is the following piece, with rush of chaotic conglomerations of harsh noise, pipes and distorted forms. “XGAE” is again harsh, furious and powerful. The whole work deserves attention, and it really produce some contradictory feelings, and it is sure to make you puzzled with its peculiarity and eccentricity. So, have some unusual joy with “Alba” by Jazznoize.

Official release on Biodata Netlabel

Mendel Kaelen – Remembering What Was Forgotten

Mendel Kaelen’s work, “Remembering What Was Forgotten”, a work of an independent composer and sound artist from the Netherlands, turns out to be the successful expression of stillness, associated with ambient music. The first track, “Satori”, contains different parts, with various moods, which supplementing each other, give rise to a complicated syctem of this track, which awake some warm feelings and restful condition. There are some drones in it, some field recordings, piano sounds, that is, variety of means are implied here to create a inimitable atmosphere of “Satori”, a state of sudden illumination, enlightenment. You also hear some percussion sector, which again enrich the texture of the ambience. Also I would like to distinguish the track “In The Stillness” with its mild expanded sounding, which justifies its name. Radiance and gladness, though not always obvious, is characteristic of the album. So, try to remember, what was forgotten with Mendel Kaelen.

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Clem Leek – Holly Lane

Today I want to say some words about Clem Leek’s album, called “Holly Lane”. With the greeting clock chimes begins the most substantial music experience, you’ve ever had. It is not an exaggeration, because this release from Hibernate Recordings is truly valuable. First thing, that can be appreciated – is the use
of variable means of music – musical instruments, field recordings, synthesizers, sound collages – it is a very consistent, comprehensive and complete work of ambient art. Clem Leek comes from the United Kingdom, and if my ears don’t fail, I caught some violin sounds in the tracks, which can tell us, that he plays some instrument. The next feature is, that having listened to this album once, you will be sure to reserve it in your collection and listen to it again and again. The sonic atmosphere of “Holly Lane” is friendly and gentle, it is the best background for having a rest. However it remains a “background” for not so long, as later it grips your consciousness, carrrying it to the fantastic world of Clem Leek. It is no longer a background. Now it is blending with you, and you can’t understand, who you are – a man or a piece of music. Tender, sweet droning chords, light environments, elusive distant melodies envelope your agitated mind, which later begin shining like a campfire. So, visit the “Holly Lane” with Clem Leek.

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Luis Antero – Factory Music

Music is all around us. It flows not only out of radios, players, tape recorders, acoustic systems. No. Definitely, there is a great variety of sonic sources, which can be encountered everyday, always and everywhere. Luis Antero, whose work had already been reviewed here (Out Level’s “Delay (Guitar Solo #4)”), is one of those dedicated field-recordings lovers, who again proves this fact. In his work, released on Wandering Ear label, called “Factory Music”, he portrayed the musical potential of industry, its ability to give an aesthetic pleasure with its abundant saturated drones, hisses and knockings. Listening to works of field recordings can be successful in the case of greedy perception of such tracks. Complying with this, you are sure to feel the depth of the sound, and maybe the soul of the initial sonic resource. So, cross the threshold of Luis Antero’s Factory.

“Factory Music” on Wandering Ear label

Luis Antero’s official site

MUfi.re – TV Signal Amplifier, Radio And Clock

MUfi.re is a project of Rui Almeda, which is focused in finding new potentialities of non-musical natural sources. Here’s one of his albums, called “TV Signal Amplifier, Radio And Clock”, which was released on Green Field Recordings label. Needless to say, that in recording the mentioned devices were used. The idea is clear, everything is more than understandable, but… However it’s not so simple, as it seems. Ordinary sounds are put together, interacting as a real orchestra. Lifeless things acquired soul with the help of the artist’s mind. All these strange tints, changeovers, hissings, ticks and drones become vital and coloured, the texture is characterized by unpredictability, a natural feature of living creatures. So, realize the vibrancy of MUfi.re’s apparatuses.

MUfi.re’s “TV Signal Amplifier, Radio And Clock” on Green Field Recordings label: http://greenfieldrecordings.yolasite.com/audio.php
Rui Almeda on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/massaultima