Stitched Vision – Open Palms

Noisy, prostrated and limpid work of Australian musician Jason Campbell, also known as the one, who runs “Stitched Vision” project, called “Open Palms”, appears to be a self-release of the artist. The album greets you with “Botanic Trance”, a distorted composition, which gradually turns into arpeggiated consequence of sound loops, resembling stringed instrument, and into a breathtaking pad, sublime, as a great cumulus cloud. “First Loss” is again saturated with noise and distortion, having a positive vector of mood, and diffusiveness of sonic contours. “Expectation” seemed to me a streched inhalation, as if producing the rustling of bronchi; also the background drone here is quite damped, but plays the atmosphere-creating role, by its remoteness and smoothness. Organ revelations of “Open Palms” are almost without noise, as if purified from pollution, having gained the maximum lucidity, thought somewhere in the middle the noise again puts itself on the map. The conceptual meaning of this track and the whole meaning seemed to me to be in the aspiration for openness and peacefulness – only with your palms open you are not violent, you are weak and innocent, and in this the truth consists. So, open your palms with Stitched Vision’s album.

Official site and official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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