Piscis – Diatomita

Strange and wayward, specific and original is the work of Piscis, called “Diatomita”, released on Biodata Netlabel. I don’t know much of the author, the “making of” the album, and the album philosophy, but I can affirm, that much soul is put in this work. “Diatomita” is a real vortex of weird sounds of guitar nips, of something made of metal, some bow use is detected. I assume, that some self-made instruments or some non-musical instruments were implied, may be even accidentally found nearby. Piscis’ music produces wonder, with its unexpected methods and solutions; it is a real surrealism in music. The sound is travelling from right channel to left, than from left to right, and once again in the manner of Brownian motion. So, get a little bit puzzled (in the finest sense of the word) with “Diatomita” by Piscis.

“Diatomita” on Biodata Netlabel

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