Robert Rich – Ylang

New album from Robert Rich occured to be dedicated to ylang-ylang, a fragrant tropical flower. Specially for listening to this album I bought ylang-ylang insence, just to be in the know. The first track, “Ambergris”, which again denotes a fragrance, begins with some cracklings, distant guitar slides and piano incrustations. Evident is the leading role of drum section – till the end of the “Ylang” they constitute the rythmic side of the work – either traditional drums, or ethnic. I must say, that this album is much more culturological and exploratory in the sense of music; it is very complicated, for different styles and approaches are interlaced here. It’s a real meeting of West and East. For me personally, “Ylang” produces an impression of a sacred travel by means of sonic, figurative and olfactory interferences. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect such music from Robert Rich, as I got used to his soft continuous drones, but in spite of it, I enjoyed the new material, and I sincerely greet his tendency to complication and enrichment. So, enter Robert Rich’s world of fragrant sounds with “Ylang”.

Robert Rich’s “Ylang” –

Robert Rich’s official site:

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