UUUUUU – The Astral Travels

Derek McArthur, also known as the one, who runs the ambient project UUUUUU, and his album “The Astral Travels” is now proudly reviewed on Agniworld. The first thing, that struck me most, is the project’s name. I am ignorant about the author’s intention, but I’ll try to propose, that “UUUUUU” in onomatopoeic manner could express the very essence of drone ambient – the continuous generation of almost monotonous sounds (monotonous – of course, for an untrained person!). The next striking thing was the great abyss of picturesqueness, that I encountered while listening. The tracks are a result of processing guitar sounds, chords, sometimes you can also hear flute warbles. The entire work is a profound, meaningful and sincere set of drone ambient music. So, join “The Astral Travels” of Derek McArthur’s UUUUUU.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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