Another interesting specimen from Biodata Netlabel turns to be ABLUONIHIL’s “R100%=G”, with very peculiar title, and as much peculiar music – the product of experimenting with the nature of noise. You can hear low drones, as in the first track “Tiempo”, chaotic swirls and changes as in “Vacio”, high-toned pipes, as in “Pensamientos”, enveloping humming, as in “Ruido Interno”, some strange abrupt textures, as in “Ruido Externo”, and sandwiches, made of different layers of noise, as in the last track “Medio Final”. In the whole, the sounding is unobtrusive, moreover, it represents a very pleasant and expected item in the collection of an experimental-music-lover. The idea of the album is original and worth listening. So, have some “R100%=G” with ABLUONIHIL.

Official release page on Biodata Netlabel

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