Alexei Biryukoff – Talmenka

Talmenka is an urban settlement in Altai krai, and a place, which inspired a Russian musician and painter Alexei Biryukoff to create an album of the same name, sustained in jenre of field recordings. Firstly, my attention was attracted by the cover of the album, where you can see a section of a railway, superimposed on a photo of a green grass. When I listened to the album, it seemed to me a short trip to far away backwoods. “Talmenka” opens with the announcement of the train departure to the next railway station, mentioned above; then you hear the rumble of wheels and squeakings of the coaches. It must be noted, that Talmenka is rather a picturesque place; you can ascertain this fact, when you see the attached PDF photoalbum with some glimpses into this area. Further, you hear various sketches, from the noise of the crowd and saw to peaceful crackling of the campfire and mooing of the lonely cow. There is also a meeting with a shepherd, who lost a horse, and, in despair, made a use of a bad language. So, have a sonic trip to Talmenka with Alexei Biryukoff.

Alexei Biryukoff’s official site:
Alexei Biryukoff’s “Talmenka” on Green Field Recordings:

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