Clem Leek – Holly Lane

Today I want to say some words about Clem Leek’s album, called “Holly Lane”. With the greeting clock chimes begins the most substantial music experience, you’ve ever had. It is not an exaggeration, because this release from Hibernate Recordings is truly valuable. First thing, that can be appreciated – is the use
of variable means of music – musical instruments, field recordings, synthesizers, sound collages – it is a very consistent, comprehensive and complete work of ambient art. Clem Leek comes from the United Kingdom, and if my ears don’t fail, I caught some violin sounds in the tracks, which can tell us, that he plays some instrument. The next feature is, that having listened to this album once, you will be sure to reserve it in your collection and listen to it again and again. The sonic atmosphere of “Holly Lane” is friendly and gentle, it is the best background for having a rest. However it remains a “background” for not so long, as later it grips your consciousness, carrrying it to the fantastic world of Clem Leek. It is no longer a background. Now it is blending with you, and you can’t understand, who you are – a man or a piece of music. Tender, sweet droning chords, light environments, elusive distant melodies envelope your agitated mind, which later begin shining like a campfire. So, visit the “Holly Lane” with Clem Leek.

Official release page

Clem Leek’s official site

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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