Dead Drums – Fashion Defense/Human Hair

Timid, lo-fi ambiences, that really send shivers down your spine – you can get such feelings, if you listen to the two EPs “Fashion Defense” and “Human Hair” by the band, called Dead Drums, which were published on Bathetic Records. From the very beginning you are charmed by the vintage character of the sounding – some distant guitars, slightly interrupted drones, strange sonic substances, as if coming out of a very old vinyl record, binaural beats. You are sure to hear that sort of music, which is processed by the task-oriented, conscious aspiration to create something from the Past. This is, as explained on the official release page, a “slow motion trip into a flooded city for fun”, and, in my opinion, a nice soundtrack for some indistinct pictures, reminiscences, full of flashing thoughts and sunbeams. So, let your mind absorb in the Dead Drums’ sonic world.

Dead Drums on Bandcamp

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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