1958-2009 – III

1958-2009’s “III” is a collaborative work of Matthew Sullivan (Earn project, already reviewed here) and and Alex Twomey, whose album was released on Ekhein label. Lush, affectionate and pensive sounds of the two tracks are obligatory to give rise to a listener’s delight. Great backing for relaxation, meditation, it is as well a magnificent experience for direct listening, perceiving the gentle tones of synthesizers, smooth, unostentatious transitions and atmospheric, candy floss chords. You will not observe too much events and turns here, the ambience is predominately static, as if it is a solution of rainbow opalescent liquids, unhurriedly overflowing into each other. It is some kind of a restful movement, as if Brownian particles achieved the Enlightenment and calmed down, having found the best sequence, the sequence, which reflect the nature of serene, bright and colorful Existence. So, have a listen to 1958-2009’s “III”

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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