Various Artists – Terra Firma (Compilation from Senile Dementia label)

Today I’ll review a compilation of different artists, that was released on Senile Dementia label. It is called “Terra Firma”. Various shades of dark ambient are represented here. From ritual, as in the first track of Dodeccaheedron “And Then Came A Struggle 2011”, where you can hear some sullen psalms, howlings, sounds, resembling roar of tibetan pipes, screams of war, through anthropogenic ambiences, as in “Tight Connection” by Ego Ex Nihil, to open-spaced drones of “Terra Firma” by I93. I won’t make a high-resoluted review, sectionalizing all the tracks, because every track and every composer deserves a separate article, which I am sure with the lapse of time will appear on this blog. However, I want to emphasize, that the key word to this compilation may appear to be “situational”: every piece represents a certain situation, a certain performance, with individual circumstances and consequences. Moving from one track to the next in the process of listening, you are as if trying different states of mind on, like subtle energetic clothes. Of course, it should be noted, that these “clothes” are mainly of dark nature, implying some feelings of fear, alert and despair, but such is the Dark Ambient style, and all of the artists successfully conform to its features, everybody coped with the task of creating music for listening in the darkness. I also think, that their works, introduced here, proved, that the authors are standing firm on their terra firmas – solid grounds. So, join them, listening to compilation from Senile Dementia label.

Terra Firma on Senile Dementia label:

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