Bo Becker – Zephyria

“Zephyria” is the work of Bo Becker, which includes three tracks, with the entire duration of 21 minutes. The EP starts with “Islands Of Memory’, a compositions with slightly separated portions of sounds, as if representing the mentioned “Islands”; the portions smoothly turn into each other, sometimes calm, sometimes a bit overdriving, but in the whole quite soothing and carefully. “Zephyria” appears to be the ambient reflections of distorted guitar sounds, drawling, indeed like a song of a Western wind, and thoughtful and picturesque climate. “Anthracene Fluorescence” turns to be a solid, driving and powerful mass of distorted guitar sound, that has two distinguishable layers: background low crackling drone, and solo high-tone howling, creating a peculiar and uncommon atmosphere, with interrupting, flashing pictures on the listener’s inner screen – those pictures are of rusty and sometimes monochromatic spectrum. So, travel across the “Islands of Memory” with Bo Becker’s “Zephyria”.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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