Blear Moon – Sauvignon Valley

A nice album to start a day with. Natural, free and easy, light and calming music, that will tune your mind and make it radiant. Blear Moon is a music project of Vlas Presnetsov, a young musician from Snezhinsk, a city at the center of Russia, on boundary of Europe and Asia. “Sauvignon Valley” is his debute album, released on Umpako label on 20.10.2010. The style is defined as electronic, piano miniatures, ambient with field recordings. To my mind, the whole mood of the album is rather optimistic and cheerful, and it reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Cluster One” from the album “Division Bell”, though styles and manners are different. In this album every track is appreciable, but I would like to note two tracks: “Le Banc Dans Le Bois” and “Intracellularisan”, that fascinated me the most. These ambient pieces are filled with bright, sparkling sounds, and I feel in my mind the presence of some capacious and energetic image, that envelops me. You can hear somebody running from one place to another, something is squeaking and a baby is crying. Simple, but delicious and strong.

Blear Moon “Sauvignon Valley” on Umpako label:

Blear Moon at Myspace:

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