Konntinent – Down With Candy

Curly, attenuated synthesizer experiments of Konntinent in the album “Down With Candy” appear to belong to Antony Harrison’s imagination and creativity. However, the first, attenuated sounds, later turn into fat, thick layers of drones, with progressing intensification of lucid and crystallized substances with coarse-grained structure and numerous gaping with inner light fractures. Evident is the presence of implicit melody, or some kind of a narrative or mental line, going through all of the album. There are some rhytmic structures, denoting simultaneously movement and static nature. Also, the album has in some way a “travelling” character with the changing of decorations, landscapes, and points of sight; in this case, rhythmic textures are suitable, as they reveal this “travelling” kind of movement. The album represents a very interesting specimen of experimental ambient, in the aggregate with the cover picture, resembling a real candybox with sweet ambient pieces, though the album’s title shows the antipathy towards this kind of confectionery. So, get some sweets with Konntinent and his work “Down With Candy”.

Konntinent’s official page

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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