Black To Comm – Charlemagne & Pippin

Digitalis Recordings label was very generous to release “Charlemagne & Pippin” by Black To Comm, a single-track album with 35 minutes and 55 seconds’ duration. Black To Comm is a project, run by Marc Richter, together with Renate Nikolaus and Ulf Schütte. The skeleton of the track is made of continuous organ drone, truning into majestic tone with the lapse of time. The flesh of the piece is various synthetic solutions, utilization of different means of sonic extraction – percussion, some tinkling instruments, bells, may be some toy musical instruments, which, in the process of progressive incorporation to the whole picture, become the united chorus, displaying its ecstatic mood. So, charge some intense energy from Black to Comm’s “Charlemagne & Pippin”.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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