Yellow Crystal Star – Rainbow Bridge To Dream Mirror Orb

Mark Billings’project Yellow Crystal Star in March of 201o had a release on Jugular Forest label, an album, called “Rainbow Bridge To Dream Mirror Orb”. Having a very expressive cover picture, this album turns out to be not less interesting. It consists of two tracks – “Amaranth” and “A Way Out A Way In Out”, with some indistinct, blurred field recordings and radiant drone bedding. In the first track you can hear some kind of looped samples of female singing, some drawling humming, which closer to the end, switch to the loud phase with staccato guitar sounds, which absorb in the huge reverberating space. In the second and the final track, you hear a real ragout of sounds – from the crowd’s noise, through birds’ tweets, to gurgling of the flowing water; again here the guitar drone is the leading part, which sets the complex of variable moods. So, have a walk through “Rainbor Bridge To Dream Mirror Orb” under the light of Yellow Crystal Star.

Yellow Crystal Star on My Space

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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