Seetyca – Seetycan (Grue And Bleen)

Almost two and half an hour of wonderful, dense and impressive drones you can find in Seetyca’s double album “Seetycan (Grue And Bleen)”, which was released on Endless Ascent label in December of 2008. In fact, Seetyca is a project from Thuringia, Germany, and the author started his experimenting activity in far 1992. The first part of the double set is called “Grue”, which may be the hybrid of blue and green or grey colors, while the second – “Bleen” may refer to the confluence of blue and green, or black and green. Through this philological innovations, author, perhaps, wanted to depict some sensations, that are located somewhere out of visible, audible and sensible spectra, he presented a new multidimentional rainbow. Really, Seetyca’s music is closely connected with colour, it’s a true example of synesthesia-summoning pieces, which broaden or, probably, elongate the scale of perception. Among other features, I would like to note the atmosphere of relief and serenity of all shades – from silent and temperate to supreme and solemn. More over, the other evident characteristic is the confidence in the author’s music drawing hand – it is a real solid album of the ambient master. So, take a ride on Seetyca’s rainbow.

Seetyca on Myspace:
Seetyca’s “Seetycan (Grue And Bleen)” on Endless Ascent label:
Seetyca’s official site:

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