Jarguna – Reflex Of A Reverberation

When I listened to Jarguna’s “Reflex Of A Reverberation”, it seemed to me as if I suddenly got spherical eyesight and became all-seeing. This ambient piece was released on Endless Ascent label and consists of one long track, full of drones, field recordings and other elements of the artist’s imagination. In fact, the music of the album was inspired by observations of images of deserted places, reproduced by satellites, and in the process of such an observation, the author began seeing some abstract forms, pictures of geometrical and fractal nature, that delighted him much. As an addition to the music, there are some artwork – pictures of earth surface, actual and modified. Generally, the whole sonic substance of “Reflex Of A Reverberation” resembles the work of an enourmous consciousness, that could cover our planet. Ringing of wind chimes is like an emergence of ideas, against the phasing background of extensiveness, peace and contemplative solitude. This music enhances a listener’s mind permeability, for him to find new chambers of soul, that could be filled with new enlightening experience. Listening To Jarguna’s new album you can host much bigger inner world. My words may seem high-flown, but it was a real eruption of impressions, that came to me, when I heard the sounds of “Reflex Of A Reverberation”.

Jarguna’s “Reflex Of A Reverberation” on Endless Ascent label website: http://www.endlessascent.com/ea013.html
Jarguna’s official site: http://www.jarguna.com/

One response to “Jarguna – Reflex Of A Reverberation

  1. Thank you very much for the compliment.

    I am honorable of all these beautiful words, and thanks to this it helps me to continue and to improve for being able to offer new emotions.

    Follow me!


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