Jazznoize – Alba

The starting track “Aisla” of Jazznoize’s album “Alba”, released on Biodata Netlabel, seemed to presage a calm, restful listening, with gently singing crickets and purple placidity of night. However, the next compositions will make you change your mind and become alerted. “Komintern” is the first swallow of the coming collapse – perturbed, precautionary echoing and ringing particles are already spreading in your mind, through the headphones; in the end of the track there is silence, but it is a calm before the storm. “Viento Urbano” is the following piece, with rush of chaotic conglomerations of harsh noise, pipes and distorted forms. “XGAE” is again harsh, furious and powerful. The whole work deserves attention, and it really produce some contradictory feelings, and it is sure to make you puzzled with its peculiarity and eccentricity. So, have some unusual joy with “Alba” by Jazznoize.

Official release on Biodata Netlabel

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