For the first time in the history of Agniworld, the upcoming release is reviewed! “The Last Winter” opens with a signal-like portions of an expanded atmospheric sound of “Atszellemulve” (“Nonmaterial”), which gradually turns into some kind of bird’s tweets, arising out of the depth of the author’s creation. Later on it attains the emergence of rags of a heavy unworldly drones. At the end of the track, you hear the modulated sonic layer with some tender female voice. So, the starting point of the album “The Last Winter” by SHAMBALA NETWORKS really captivates the listener’s mind, and invites him to travel through all of the compositions. This journey is distinguished by its multidimensional or multilateral character: different points are described here by the means of ambient music: “Eso. Evszazad. Tenger.” (“Rain. Century. Sea.”), “Fiatal Galaxishalmaz” (“Young Galaxies”), “Lebeges” “(Levitation”), “Olajfestekes fal” (“Oil-painted Wall”), Viragvege (the Hungarian pun, made up by the two possible meanings of this combination – “The End Of The World” or “The End Of The Flower”), “Internet” and the rest of the tracks show various phenomena and objects, which belong to either terrestrial and extraterrestrial sphere. As for the musical side of the album, I should say, that it is full of very pleasant ambiences, which awaken the famtasy and the wish to philosophize, to think over the eternal matters. So, meet “The Last Winter” with SHAMBALA NETWORKS.The Shambala Networks Project was created in 2007 by a transylvanian artist: Oliver Dombi.He started his music career in 2006 under the name: Audiosex. Later he decided to release his music under more than one artist/project name, so he could experiment with many genres&styles. He created 3 project names: Shambala Networks, Oliver Dombi and Audiosex. Shambala Networks is mostly for Ambient, downtempo, experimental, triphop, meditative chill, atmospheric avantgarde , etc.Audiosex is for Darkpsy, Goa/Psytrance, hard Techno, Dnb, BrokenBeat mostly harder and darker stuff but also powerful uplifting Trance or Fullon and so on and Oliver Dombi is for Minimal, techtrance, deep & Progressive House, Electro, liquid & nujazz, pop, Trance sounds. Audiosex is his most reconized name, but with time people started to know him as Oliver Dombi and Shambala Networks as well.His releases are available, either under the name of Oliver Dombi or Shambala Networks or Audiosex on thousands of webshops like itunes, e-music, medianet, beatsdigital, etc. He also makes CD releases which are available on Wirikuta, Psyshop, Beatspace, Saikosounds, etc. His debut track ‘Better kill others than yourself’ was released on vinyl as well. He cooperated with a few labels and digital distribuitors too, but he puts out his records mostly through his own label, adx records (Audiosex records) The label was created at the end of 2006. At that time the name for his projects were not yet created, and this how the label got called Audiosex records.Oliver gets in contact with music in a deeper and more individual way around 1992. As a matter of fact he didn’t like Electronic music at all. 2unlimited, capella or any mainstream sound in the 90s was just ‘stupid music’ for him. One of the first influences was judas priest, painkiller – but heavy metal wasn’t his style either, though he loves judas or similar music even today. He was very influenced by thrash, death, black metal and of course hardcore, like madball, biohazard etc – rap metal as well – some classical music and doom death too, like therion, paradise lost etc – when he found the underground side of Electronic music in the mid 90s, he fell in love with it immediately.Some recorded tapes were brought to him by one of his neighbours called Techno hardcore, drum n bass, hard Trance, etc… But still more influenced by metal music. The deepest contact with Electronic music was in the late 90s when he meets Trance.. Goatrance, Psytrance, etc. It was a total change in his life. Goa, Ambient, Darkpsy, etc became his favourite style together with metal music – This influenced him so deeply that he started to think about producing music. He never really loved DJs and never really was interested in DJing, but producing became the essence of his life…

Audiosex Label on My Space

The Last Winter! Coming in MAY! Keep in mind this link!

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