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Fellirium – Amethyst

Ritual, miraculous and enchanting sounds of Fellirium in his album “Amethyst”, released on Liminal Recs label will definitely tear you off the dullness of everyday reality. The subject area of the album may say in some way about the author’s interest in antique, exotic or isolated cultures: “Violet Tribe”,
“Spirits Gather’, “Offering For The Stars”, “Moonlight’s Daughter” and “Healer’s Dream” as if gives us an excursion into some unknown ethnic group. The album is full of ethnic rhythms, which could belong to the sphere of some shamanic rutual dances. This rythms are mesmerizing and soothing, they duffer much from European “tuz-tuz-tuz”, they contain some natural element, that’s why they are quite comfortable for human ears; such rhythms are mainly for the dance of spirit, not for the physical body. So, join the magic dances with Fellirium’s “Amethyst”.

Fellirium’s official blog

“Amethyst” on Archives.org

Liminal Recs label

Robert Rich – Ylang

New album from Robert Rich occured to be dedicated to ylang-ylang, a fragrant tropical flower. Specially for listening to this album I bought ylang-ylang insence, just to be in the know. The first track, “Ambergris”, which again denotes a fragrance, begins with some cracklings, distant guitar slides and piano incrustations. Evident is the leading role of drum section – till the end of the “Ylang” they constitute the rythmic side of the work – either traditional drums, or ethnic. I must say, that this album is much more culturological and exploratory in the sense of music; it is very complicated, for different styles and approaches are interlaced here. It’s a real meeting of West and East. For me personally, “Ylang” produces an impression of a sacred travel by means of sonic, figurative and olfactory interferences. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect such music from Robert Rich, as I got used to his soft continuous drones, but in spite of it, I enjoyed the new material, and I sincerely greet his tendency to complication and enrichment. So, enter Robert Rich’s world of fragrant sounds with “Ylang”.

Robert Rich’s “Ylang” – http://robertrich.com/site/disco.php?album_id=45

Robert Rich’s official site: http://robertrich.com/

Kosmomuz – Energized

Kosmomuz is a psychedelic experimental ambient project from a Russian city Barnaul, in which four musicians are included: Anton Aniskin, Sergey Petrov, Anton Lyamkin and Alexander Kiba, who appear to be enthusiasts of playing khomuz – one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, which they use in their work. Presumably, the name “Kosmomuz” derived from “cosmic music” or, maybe “cosmic khomuz”, but in any case, the music of this group is very appreciable. Now, I’m going to say some words about their album, called “Energized”. Listening to it resembles a walk through some kind of a psychedelic surreal jungle with mysterious creatures, that are constantly following you and illuminating with varycoloured flashes of sounds. Khomuz was initially an instrument of shamans, who used it while performing their rituals. It has a very strong, vibrant and energizing sound, that imprints in space and in a human soul. And Kosmomuz did their best to energize our multidimensional space with these magic ambient piece. Their work is very artistic, it has something common with abstract and surrealistic paintings with their irregular and heterogeneous forms and images. So, have some energy from Kosmomuz.

Kosmomuz’s official site: http://kosmomuz.pureart.ru
Kosmomuz’s “Energized”: http://kosmomuz.pureart.ru/energized_en.html