Whirr – Black Island

Now, let me introduce to you an album by Whirr, called “Black Island”. Pleasant guitar sounds and, if I’m not mistaken, maracas are greeting you in the opening track “Clouded”, turning into sliding wisps of “Hipotermia”, which resembles some extraterrestrial communication session. “Vigilia”, a complex set of
fat drones, with some distant xylophone-like rings, is sure to entrance you with its unwordly and gentle power. In the track “Quars” you can hear some string arpeggios, as if of some Chinese musical instrument. “Summerged” and “Kaleidoscuro” are relatives in this album, grouped so by their similarityin modulation – they are vibrating, like two hearts, or two squirrels in a cage, whereas the conclusion, “Lost Chant” is some kind of the soothing element in this sonic story, having a tide-like, unhurried rythm, that gives completeness for the whole work.

“Black Island” on Whirr’s Bandcamp page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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