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Mark Hakonen-Meddings – Vapaa

Today Agniworld’s eye is pointed at another Somehow Recordings release – an album by Mark Hakonen-Meddings, which is called “Vapaa”, and contains 5 tracks, beginning with the letter “V”. It starts with “Viiva” – a drony set of pleasant and thoughtful piano flashes against the indistinct and blurred ambient background. The next track, “Vilja”, is more soothing and atmospheric, it has a fine-grained and glimmering structure, as if it consists of unknown radiant substance, producing some kind of spiritual relaxation and inner cosiness. “Virta” is predominantly bound to low level of sounding, also having fuss in between. It is more like a sudden break in the middle of the album, a time out for further acoustic experience. “Veri” is distinguished by its pulsing warmth and tenderness, bringing the listener closer to inner peace and solitude; luscious chords, smooth transitions and overall feeling of mental transcendence surely will lead you to balanced and quiet state of mind. “Voima” represents the logical conclusion for the album, resembling a kind of awakening from a soft and magic trance, giving us the evidence of the fact, that this music belongs to meditational art, where both the artist and the listener are engaged into this mild abyss of fantasy. Here you can hear guitar sounds together with synthesizer, that together create a strikingly bizarre soundscape. I think, that everyone will carry his own peculiar things out of this album – listening to such works of this kind will definitely benefit your imagination and perception of the world. So, join the meditation of Mark Hakonen-Meddings with his album “Vapaa”.

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Allessio Ballerini – Me And

“Me And” is the album by Allessio Ballerini, released on Somehow Recordings, and which is sure to conquer your hearts. It starts with the track called “Half Water”, built of rainy and fresh-aired field recordings and heavy, but tender and smooth bass blows, increasing their strength with the lapse of the piece; also here you can hear a flickering background drone – a radiation of comfort, kindness and serenity. This “entrance track” politely and thoughtfully involves you in the rest levels of Ballerini’s atmosphere. The next track, which entitles the whole work, is probably a result of guitar processing with gradual succession of gentle chords and permeating soft noise. The third piece, “Movement Two”, is likely to be connected more with air and wind, because it has features of blowing, rather than flowing – it has another nature of motion – it is ethereal and tenuous, which is more characteristic of gas condition. Track number 4, “In All Of Us”, is represented by 7 minutes of low drone with subtly manifesting changes and oscillations. “Sun Of Venere” has some kind of lo-fi design, though it still has brilliant and pleasant sounding; you find here different textures – plain drones, splash-likes squeaks, and powerful wall of sound, enveloping all of your essence in a layer of warm and light cloud. “Movement Three” has some kind of vocal inclusions or something resembling them, embedded in water-like sounds and slow waves of drones. The concluding “You” is constructed by the layer of soft noise and subtle ambient melody, obscured by the noisy fumes and trying to make its way through this dense and white barrier. The whole impression, made by this album is really great and unforgettable – it lets you experience new dimensions of sound and see new horizons of imagination. So, have a listen to “Me And” by Allessio Ballerini.

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Kenichi Oka (Yamaoka) – Warm Colours

It starts with portions of soft wooden tickings, against the background of mild droning soundscape, winding up the bizarre mechanism of the album “Warm Colours”, written by Kenichi Oka – Yamaoka, and released on Somehow Recordings. Listening to it you are sure to agree with the album’s title, as the entire sounding emanates warmth and limpid comfort. The second piece is represented by presumably artificial ringings, resembling a bit telephone sounds, but in the concept of this track, they acquire new features and possibilities – of creating strange atmosphere and mysterious moods, as if in some science fiction film, when a hero makes hiw way through the blinking corridor of a spaceship, saving himself from an unknown form of life, which penetrated the cosmic vehicle (but these are only my own associations). The third piece contains some indistinct mumbling, subtle noises, maybe based on radio broadcast or something else, and excited looped bass arpeggio, which phases along the whole composition. The fourth ambience is built on muffled arpeggios, and some other drone layers, again creating a science fiction picture. Well, I won’t dismantle the rest of the tracks, for I want to share the pleasure of imagining the the listener, and to let him submerge into this magic underwater on his own – it is really an unforgettable experience. I must also remark, that the album seemed to me having a slight old-world flavour, linking back to the electronic music of the past decades, and making the album gentle and just great. So, see the “Warm Colours” of Kenichi Oka.

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Saito Koji – Dreamers

“Dreamers” is an album by Saito Koji, which was released on Somehow Recordings, and today it turns out to be the subject of Agniworld’s discussion. The tracklist organization of this work is quite simple and clear: it consists of two exactly 20 minutes length tracks, which represent the sphere of drone ambient. As I learned from the off-site source of information (Norman Records), this album was written during the Fukushima disaster, and indeed, realizing it, the perception of Saito Koji’s music changes cardinally. Without knowing this, I felt, that it is just a set of serene and pleasant ambiences, but after learning the circumstances of the author’s creation, new sides and new corners became visible. The first track introduces the listener into some kind of prostration and a slight hint of agitation by accordion-like drones, which don’t change a lot during the whole piece, for me it resembles the static gaze into the distant area without an intention to discern anything. Just a prostrated and a little bit trembling gaze. The next part of “Dreamers” is of lower-tone colouring, and if compared with the previous one, it is warmer and calmer, though it continues the former tendency to be static and to have low quantity of audible changes – it is a smooth and stable layer of drone, which, however has some subtle pulse – tardy and measured, as if the space echoes in a blurred way through the dense suspension of glowing particles. I must admit, the both tracks seemed to me a kind of psychic drawing, a steady building of certain moods, as if the music was created when the author’s heart and head were directly connected to the recorder, being the only musical instruments at his disposal. And I think, this connection is rather successful and worth listening to. So, join the “Dreamers” of Saito Koji.

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Alonefold – Last Roadpost and Alone

The wraparound, mild and cosy music of the Australian musician Scott Beardow (also known as Alonefold) and at the same time a recent release from Somehow Recordings, is now to be discussed. The album opens with airy raga-like “Moving On Wind Signals”, resembling to some extent low drones of sitar, followed by “Signs At Midpoint Dawn Return”, a regular and balanced piece, with indistinct, deeply hidden ambient melody, that unhurriedly goes through the whole composition, resembling long and vast tides of sound.”Forgiven Drifts” again represents the same technic, however, it has some other shade of mood, with measured and assured flow of waves. “Merging And Still Alive” is a slightly trembling – just in some kind of microscopic and subtle manner, while the concluding track “Standing And Adrift” is deep penetrating and totally relaxing. I don’t know much about the initial author’s concept to the full, however, I could assume, that this album is much connected with such notions, as “water”, “wind”, “coast”, proceeding from the title of the tracks. If to go further, than the titles of the tracks, I could confidently say, that “Last Roadpost And Alone” is a logical result of an observant and poetic man’s activity – all these magic ambiences are a definite product of long walks, spending much time in the open air and a lot of time, spent in deep reflections and meditaions. Also, it is an achievment, that Alonefold’s music can transmit the author’s feelings and experiences through the sound, directly to the listener. So, have a fresh breeze from the Australian continent with Alonefold’s album “Last Roadpost And Alone”.

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Nobuto Suda – Ecotone

Nobuto Suda’s “Ecotone”, released on Somehow Recordings, starts with transparent and sparkling sound of “Ecotone”, which entitled the whole album. You hear some water babble, and spreading, sweet drone; the next track “Connected Place”, as if continuing to create the fresh and light atmosphere, contains the damped version of the water sounds. “Fluidity” is too, a nice, radiant piece of Nobuto’s music, presumably made of some wind section instruments, may be processed flutes or something else – it is difficult to make it clear, what was the initial and base source of that sound. “Abundant” is serene and unobtrusive. Pulsating “Fragment Of The Sun” is so radiant, as if some part of the day star was processed and transformed into the sound. “Somewhere” with its semantic feeling of indefiniteness of location, favours the listener with the terminal brushstroke of the artist, with its tender brids’ tweet and airy ambient melody. In the whole, this album represents a specimen of natural music, which is closely connected with trees, the sky, animals, elements, by accurate addition of music components into the field recordings. So, make a drift to Somewhere with Nobuto Suda’s “Ecotone”.

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