Kalte – The Lanthanide Series

I couldn’t control myself and couldn’t help reviewing another brilliant Kalte’s album, called “The Lanthanide Series”, released on Stasisfield label in distant 2008. It appears to be first release in their discography. I must again repeat, that Kalte’s ambient is closely connected with different fields of science, and “The Lanthanide Series” is not an exception, even on the assumption of the album’s title. Lanthanides are rare-earth elements, representatives of which are shown on the inner cover picture. The opening “Shallow Approach”, full of ringing, oscillating drones, is just like the introduction in a scientific document, a kind of overview in a exploration report. “Spagyric”, a stream-oriented, dark piece, with some sort of radionoise, or interruptions, may relate to alchemic processes, maybe during which the mentioned lanthanides were born. “Mariana Arc” may refer to a plate tectonic convergent boundary, located somewhere in the region of Philippine Sea and Pacific Ocean; the music is anxious, as if implying the danger, concealing under water surface. “Bremsstrahlung” is a track, describing some radiation phenomena, “when an electrically charged particle, especially an electron, is slowed down by the electric field of an atomic nucleus or an atomic ion”, as the Lingvo puts it. the final track, “Alfvenwave” refer to solar physics; it is the lateral magnetohydrodynamic wave, spreading along filed lines of the magnetic field. Thus, very complicated things are introduced by Kalte, the obscured phenomena and processes, which exist in spite of the fact, that we don’t see them. Thanks to this band for their dedication to popularizing science and broadening our mental horizons, together with the pleasure of listening to their huge, massive drone ambient works. So, remember the periodic table with
Kalte’s “The Lanthanide Series”.

Kalte’s official site

“The Lanthanide Series” on Stasisfield label

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