Max For ((Under)) Hertz – Travel To A New Star

Sometimes nice sounding is hidden in the scopes of the Internet, and then is almost forgotten. Such is the album of Max For ((Under)) Hertz, called “Travel To A New Star”,  a tiny release on Noiq22 label, but, however, it is worth attention. As for me, I couldn’t miss these atmospheric drones, huge cloud-like sounds, enveloping the mind. The theme of the album is cosmic, it consists of three tracks: (1) “Vector Of Imagination”, a calming piece with flowing vibrating texture; (2) “A Fog Of Andromeda”, resembling early fantasias of Tangerine Dream with radio squeakings against the stable droning background; (3) “The Unrestrained Plan” – a little bit irregular rythmic composition, with strikingly different chapters, overflowing one into another – from habitual ambient parts to organ figures, slightly resembling some of Ray Manzarek’s. The album leaves a nice aftertaste; this fact can tell us, that we mustn’t omit old, bygone releases, like we mustn’t omit diamonds in the ancient strata of rock. So, join the travel to a new star of Max For ((Under)) Hertz.

Max For ((Under)) Hertz’s “Travel To A New Star” on Noiq22 label:

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