Alonefold – Last Roadpost and Alone

The wraparound, mild and cosy music of the Australian musician Scott Beardow (also known as Alonefold) and at the same time a recent release from Somehow Recordings, is now to be discussed. The album opens with airy raga-like “Moving On Wind Signals”, resembling to some extent low drones of sitar, followed by “Signs At Midpoint Dawn Return”, a regular and balanced piece, with indistinct, deeply hidden ambient melody, that unhurriedly goes through the whole composition, resembling long and vast tides of sound.”Forgiven Drifts” again represents the same technic, however, it has some other shade of mood, with measured and assured flow of waves. “Merging And Still Alive” is a slightly trembling – just in some kind of microscopic and subtle manner, while the concluding track “Standing And Adrift” is deep penetrating and totally relaxing. I don’t know much about the initial author’s concept to the full, however, I could assume, that this album is much connected with such notions, as “water”, “wind”, “coast”, proceeding from the title of the tracks. If to go further, than the titles of the tracks, I could confidently say, that “Last Roadpost And Alone” is a logical result of an observant and poetic man’s activity – all these magic ambiences are a definite product of long walks, spending much time in the open air and a lot of time, spent in deep reflections and meditaions. Also, it is an achievment, that Alonefold’s music can transmit the author’s feelings and experiences through the sound, directly to the listener. So, have a fresh breeze from the Australian continent with Alonefold’s album “Last Roadpost And Alone”.

Alonefold’s official site

Alonefold on Bandcamp

Somehow Recordings

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  1. thanks kirill, much appreciated here at the label :-)))

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