Chaika – Inspirations From Jacques Offenbach

Chaika is a one-man project from Russia, organized by Nikita Soldatenkov, who was greatly influences and impressed by the music of Offenbach and Stravinsky. This fact gives an exhaustive explanation to how he entitled his album, released on INQB8R netlabel: “Inspirations From Jacques Offenbach”, and I think, it is a worhty homage for this remarkable composer. The album consists of three tracks, the first of them – “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” (The Tales Of Hoffmann), named so in the name of Offenbach’s opera, which is based on stories of E. T. A. Hoffmann – here the project Chaika intented to unbosom his own vision. It starts with murmuring noises, gradually passing into stable drone with some repeating reversed vocal phrases. The sounding is rich and dense, as if it is a rock mass, though it is rather movable; also it has a distinct structure with introduction, the proper body of the track and conclusion – everything, characteristic of classical music. “Le Mariage Aux Lanteres” (“The Wedding By Lantern-Light”) also refers to Offenbach’s creation, and here Mr. Soldatenkov shows his specific approach – through vibrant layers of drones, soft sweeps of noise, which after the middle of the track turn into slightly vocalized fluxion. “Le Papillon” (“The Butterfly”) begins with some mechanical sounds, or maybe hyperbolized representation of a butetrfly’s flapping, alternate with a dog’s barking; later it leaves space for a flying ambience, where that mechanic knocking turns into some kind of chaotic breath-like sounds against the background of peaceful and majestic drone. Well, in general, this album leaves a great impression, and I hope, that ambient lovers will enjoy these inspirations.

Official release page

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