Yellowknife – Shimmerbox

47 minutes and 30 seconds long album “Shimmerbox” by Yellowknife, released on Mars Pyramid label, appear to be a saturated, grandiose single track, full of powerful, sliding drones, synthesizer melodies, vynil manipulations, field recordings and a gamelan session in the end of the piece. Unwordly, immensely
bizarre atmosphere is created here. Deserving attention is the magic title of the album, defining the strange shimmering box. Indeed, having added this track to your player, and starting listening to it, your playing device really becomes that “Shimmerbox” with this vibrating sound, that sends unknown signals to your brain in the form of quite evident shivers, running down your spine. For me personally, this music doesn’t makes my imagination generate any sceneries of some alien worlds, I see some indistinct and unpredictable energetic pictures, which in some degree, are beyond of visual perception, it is like a play of thoughts and dotted images, flashing like a fluttering wing of a butterfly. So, touch the “Shimmerbox” of Yellowknife.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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