CircumLiver – Hybrid

“Hybrid” is the creation of CircumLiver, also known as Paolo Bono, an Italian ambient composer, whose mentioned work appears to be the object of the present reviewing. The starting theme, “Hybrids Are Coming” is represented by a looped sequence of some ringing curves, vibrating on different levels – from low to high frequencies. “Hybrids Are Coming” prepares the ground for the whole music matter – with its relaxed flow and measured blurred tempo. “Hybrid Speech” really resembles artificial vocalizing, based on some synthesized sounds, maybe sitar-like, or like some Chinese string instrument. The climate here turns to experimental sphere, with its unexpected technical or mechanical mood and strange sonic migrations. The term “hybrid” is the central point of the album and is met in every track, completely justifying the album’s title. So, the third track, “Hello Hybrid”, beginning with classic ambient droning, later appears to be a rhythmic phasing theme, which, however, doesn’t lose its atmospheric width and harmony. Then comes “Hybrid Clinicalambient01”, with its forceful stream of fluffy energy and subtle and a little bit sad tones, which entice the listener further into the depths of CircumLiver’s world of Hybrids. The whole work is proved to be an example of versatility and it carries the spirit of experimentalism, I won’t put all of the tracks under a microscope, but I can firmly say that “Hybrid” is worth listening and enjoying. I think, it is a great soundtrack for some science fiction film, for example something like “Alien”, though without any pictures Paolo Bono’s music can give rise to even greater inner fantasies. So, explore the “Hybrid” of CircumLiver.

Official release page

“Hybrid” on Bandcamp

CircumLiver on My Space

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