Earn – In A Year

“In A Year” is a truly enchanting release from Jugular Forest label, which was created by Earn, also known as Matthew Sullivan. The sound is represented by guitar oscillations, drones of unknown origin, discrete organ hummings, which range from silent and melodic ones to furious harsh attacks with squeakings and overdrives. For me, the most favourite tracks are “Tri-City”, where unapparent airy melody tries to tear itself from the embrace of interferention signals, and “Feather (For Charles)”, where merry guitar chords are blurred into one united system, like a mixture of different colours, lazily blending with each other. However, the whole album is interesting and worth studying. I suppose, it is a nice present for a dronehead. So, have a nice psychic rest with “In A Year” by Earn.

Official release page

Found at Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams Blog

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